Tuesday, October 6, 2015

EDUSC Flood Narrative

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Deacons of EDUSC are coordinating efforts to get clean water to residents of Columbia in need from the severe flooding that began early Sunday morning. Several of our churches are serving as drop-off points. At this time, only water and money are needed, as these serve the immediate need. Once the efforts to provide as much clean water as possible are accomplished and once the water has receded in the city streets, Deacons Al Hipp and Fergie Horvath will assess the needs of the community regarding shelter, clothing, furnishings and other needs and will make information available on how we, as the Church, can help.

Please note – Governor Haley has declared it unsafe for you to be out on the roads today. Also, there is no water available in most stores at this time. Please do not venture out in an effort to help, but instead share this on Facebook, tell your friends and neighbors who are in need and give them the following contact information. The Deacons have arranged for trucks of water to be delivered to our drop-off points. Information regarding the availability of emergency supplies at our drop-off points will be updated periodically on the EDUSC website and via social media.
The Reverend Deacon Fred Walters was swept off the road early Sunday morning on his way to church. Fortunately, he rolled down his windows before the power went out in his car. He was able to swim and received help from folks in the neighborhood.

The video below is of the Forest Acres neighborhood where many communicants of EDUSC live. Businesses were ruined and homes badly flooded. One of our churches very nearby, thankfully, is safe but for a few leaks.

Forest drive#SCFlood
Posted by Christopher Aakjer on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Drop off points for clean water are as follows:

COLUMBIA/FOREST ACRES - St. Michaels and All Angels – please contact The Reverend Margaret Jennings-Todd at 803-414-4582. WATER AVAILABLE NOW - 12:30 pm, Tuesday - 6408 Bridgewood Road, 29206. www.smaae.org.

COLUMBIA/DOWNTOWN - Trinity Episcopal Cathedral - WATER AVAILABLE NOW - please contact Rusty Miller at 803-466-0702. The church office is open now and has coffee, power and availability to charge phones and laptops. There is plumbing, but no drinking water until the shipment arrives this afternoon. All are welcome. Trinity Cathedral is helping with home clean up, as well.

IRMO - St. Simon and St. Jude, Irmo – please contact The Reverend Mark Abdelnour at 803-315-2084 or The Reverend Deacon d’Rue Hazel at 803-603-1510.

WEST COLUMBIA - All Saints', Cayce - please contact The Reverend Patricia Sexton, Rector, at 803-318-0833 or The Reverend Deacon Dianna Deaderick at 803-622-6509. Water available on Wednesday. More details to come.

For congregations (in and outside of the diocese) that want to send disaster relief assistance, please contact The Reverend Deacon Al Hipp at 864-449-6362 or The Reverend Deacon Fergie Horvath at 864-316-4333. They will be working with local authorities to schedule pick-ups, drop-offs, etc.

Churches in the Foothills Convocation, please contact Al Hipp at 864-449-6362. Piedmont and Catawba Convocations, please contact Fergie Horvath at 864-316-4333 .

Notice - if you are on social media, please LIKE us on Facebook and on Follow us on Twitter @eduscnews. Information about the #scflood is flowing rapidly on social media, often with minute-by-minute updates from our local news reporters and our churches. 

Heartbreaking scenes from the home of Trinity parishioners
The Reverend Canon Bob Riegel and his wife, Keren, posted a plea for help on Facebook early Sunday morning and were rescued by boat from their home in one of the flooding Columbia neighborhoods.
The Riegel's flooded neighborhood after water had receded. Photo credit Buffy Farnsworth

From Bishop Charles vonRosenberg and The Episcopal Church in South Carolina 

Prayers For Those Affected by Storms and Flooding
As people continue to experience the devastating effects of record rainfall and flooding, please continue to pray for all those who are being affected in South Carolina and beyond. Here is a prayer suggested by Episcopal Relief & Development for times of natural disaster. 

O God, our times are in your hand. In the midst of uncertainty lead us by your never-failing grace as we seek to be agents of healing and hope. Walk with us through difficult times; watch over us in danger; and give to us a spirit of love and compassion for those who suffer and mourn. And finally, remind us that you have promised never to leave us so that even in the valley of the shadow of death your love may be felt, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

From EDUSC - Bishop vonRosenberg and The Episcopal Church in South Carolina have been in touch with their parishes and have found, blessedly, that very few communicants were affected by the #scflood other than suffering minor damage in their homes. TEC in SC are now in the process of reaching out to other denominations. Bishop Waldo and Bishop vonRosenberg are in communication on how we can be of help to each other. Many thanks to Holly Behre, Director of Communications of TEC in SC, for sharing the word on social media about the water collection work of the Deacons of The Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina.

The First Water Arrives - St. Simon and St. Jude, Irmo, 5 pm Monday

Many Thanks to the Deacons and Communicants of Upper SC for Their Efforts (update as of 9 pm Monday night)

An update from Deacon Fergie Horvath, St. Christopher's, Spartanburg
We have just pulled out from St. Michaels and All Angels. Today, the Spartanburg Co. Sheriff's deputies, head chaplain, deputy trainees, and New Spring Church volunteers have delivered approximately 6000 bottles of water.

  • St. Simon and St. Jude: ~1800 bottles (And they had more from another source)
    From St. Michael and All Angels
  • St. Michael and All Angels: ~2300 bottles 
  • EOC (Emergency Operations Center):~ 2500 bottles
Al Hipp is collecting water from the Foothills convocation. The Piedmont convocation will be collecting this week as well. Please continue to pray for these churches and their ministries and for first responders, Chaplains being part of that group. Pray for the people of Columbia. Pray for the low country. Pray for SC. Pray.

Rockbridge Road bridge completely washed out, just around the corner from St. Michael and All Angels, one of our distribution sites. Photo credit Patterson Graham.

Upstate Churches Collecting Water for Columbia: (update as of 12 pm Tuesday afternoon)

  • Many, many thanks to St. Peter's, Greenville, who collected 988 gallons of water that is already on its way to Columbia.
  • Also to Christ Church, Greenville, who collected water that has been delivered to Trinity Cathedral.
  • And - to the Episcopal Church of the Advent, Spartanburg who is collecting water today and tomorrow to be shipped to Columbia Thursday.

Water from St. Peter's, Greenville. From request, to truck, to arrival at St. Michael and All Angels, Columbia. Photo credits The Rev. Dorian del Priore, St. Peter's, and Morgan Lee, St. Michael's

We are so very grateful to everyone.

Bishop Waldo spent time at today at the St. Michael and All Angels and Trinity Cathedral collection sites after struggling to get back into town Sunday night and Monday morning after being away.

USC Flood Relief Offers to Help EDUSC via Twitter - (update as of 12:30 pm) Tuesday

We received a direct offer from The University of South Carolina relief team to help us! Deacons coordinating efforts will be in touch as needed. Many, many thanks to USC!

Forest Acres Neighbors and WLTX Offer us Volunteer Help - (update as of 12:50 pm)

Prayer Services Begin Tuesday

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